Smooth Movers Homework

Welcome to the first website homework blog!

Today’s exercise is inspired by the ‘Smooth Movers’ class that we did in the pilates class in Mauchline this week. This class was focussed on taking all that we had learned so far and putting it together – so – coordination, core muscle activation, lovely efficient easy going movement, allowing limbs to move freely on a stable, moveable base. Oh, and in a ‘functional’ – meaning useful for your everyday life – position. Sounds great!

This exercise is…………. Standing on one leg – adding in an alternate knee bend up and down (scissors exercise). Sounds simple. It is, in a way, but try to do it for a minute, without bracing (your knees or thighs), tipping your hips, falling over – its not that easy! And its good for strengthening and connecting, right through your body. You spend a large amount of time in your day on one leg – every time you take a step! So if you’re unable to take your weight on one foot, without falling out of alignment, or wobbling – well – that’s what you’re doing every time you take a step!


Ok here goes –

Stand – preferably looking in a mirror, so you can see how you are doing. Lengthen through your spine, neck and head imagining your head could float up towards the ceiling. Your weight should be down through your ankles and your heels, your feet connected with the floor on the outer border, the toes and the heels. Your feet should point forwards, and not out to the side.

Activating those deep tummy muscles, through a neutral spine position (slight curve out to your bum at the base of your spine) take your weight gently over on to your left foot. As you transfer your weight, check that pelvis and work with your tummy and your hip and bum muscles, to keep the pelvis level – and neutral. Keep your ribs soft, and sitting above your pelvis – don’t let them flare out. Remember that lovely spine length and your floating head!

Lift your right foot off the ground and slowly lift your knee to hip height if you can, and back down again. Keep the pelvis level.

Then do the same on the other side. Great!

You can add a little variation – to check your alignment while you do this exercise. This time, stand against a wall, so that your feet are about 10 cm from the base of the wall, with your bum and shoulder blades and back of your head touching the wall. Try to keep in contact with the wall while you balance – this keeps you in a great, aligned and upright position. It can be quite tricky!