Moving Well – Feeling Well????


In my professional and personal life, I strive to have, and to teach, better movement.  But moving well – what does it mean? What is it, and what is it not?

It is not ONLY about cheering yourself up – about doing a fun thing. Its more than that – its about actually having a body that works better physically….. Having a body that works better, feels better.

What does ‘moving better’ mean? It means being able to not feel stiff in the mornings when you get up. Having less aches and pains. Understanding how your body works. …. how YOUR body works, how it usually feels, being sensitive to its changes, it’s normals, it’s not-normals. It also means having less symptoms like sneeze pee, stiff joints, sore back. It means not having to limit yourself ‘cos your scared you will hurt yourself. It means preventing injuries in the future. It means managing your own issues. It means feeling like your body is strong, like you are walking tall. It means enjoying being able to walk far, balance on stuff like you were a kid, run suddenly, catch a ball or kick it, breathe deeply, sit wherever you like on whatever you want to, have more energy, to realise that you have previously been living in this contracting, stiffening, slowing thing that is your body, and not believing that it could be any better. Its about feeling well, REALLY well, like you have reserves of energy at the end of the evening but that allows you to feel calm enough to sleep well or to think or to smile, rather than pour yourself into your bed.

It is NOT sweating, gym work, run-falling, pushing yourself into hard work so you can feel you’ve ‘done something’ today – towards your recommended bout of exercise. Then feeling like you have to take the car to the shop cos its too far to walk and you are too tired, or weak, to carry your shopping home. And spending the evening eating more, sleeping more and doing more washing, cos you sweated all of your sweat and energy out at the gym.

It IS respecting your body. Backing off when you get an inkling that your body needs to. Realising that you just wont reach your goal of doing this or that stretch every day – because your body just doesn’t feel that it can take it, or cos your partner, or your mum, or your kids, need your time and attention. Realising that small changes ring big changes when you do them little and often. That you CANNOT see the tiny little tiny changes that every little thing you do every day makes to your body, and how you can choose to do things that would make things better….. little teeny tiny bit today,…. or ignore it, and let it stay a teeny tiny bit more stuck till tomorrow.

It IS realising that slow small movements which you enjoy a little bit, feel good to do, are doing you good today, and will feel better, and better and better, as your body starts to listen to itself, to recognise simple serene pleasures, small releases of blood flow and endorphins becoming a sigh of relief, a gentle feeling a wellbeing and pleasure which is hard to come by in any other way.

It is NOT thighs, bums and tums. It is not isolated muscle exercises to try and make those little bits look a bit better, made with no understanding of the systems of the body working to do the things that you have to do every day. It is not making isolated bits of your body hurt for a bit to make you feel like you’ve done something.

It IS about understanding that muscles work together produce body shapes, body movements. Understanding that every chore you do, every position you get into to drive, to relax, to work – is a body shape, a combination of joint positions which are all working together to achieve what you want it to do.

This is what it means to me.  What does it mean to you?