About us


Clockwork Pilates provides physiotherapy led Pilates classes, and 1:1 sessions, and was started in 2014 by Susanna Edwards, Physiotherapist. They provide mat-based classes in the APPI method of ‘modified’ Pilates aimed at building core strength and efficient, easy going movement in order to make life feel better.

Physiotherapy led pilates classes are a way to learn how you can help yourself move better, while still being guided by an expert.

Whether you have been treated for pain, had surgery or illness, are experiencing recurring injuries in your sport or hobby, or your life has taken you to a place where you feel you have lost confidence in your movement due to stiff joints or pain – you can work through these classes under the knowledge that you are helping yourself in a safe and effective way that will empower you to live the way you want to live.

bare feetThe classes include the following components:

  • Core activation (abs / pelvic floor / lower back),
  • breathing,
  • flexibility,
  • body awareness,
  • posture,
  • alignment
  • efficient movement patterns



Susanna Edwards teaches the classes for Clockwork Pilates.  She is a physiotherapist who has worked in both the NHS and private sectors in Ayrshire. After having worked in loads of different areas: secretarial, finance and sport, she finally at the age of 25, found physiotherapy and is firmly delighted and never endingly excited and fascinated about the movement of the human body.  She is a mum of 3 gorgeous, and busy children, and lives in the lovely seaside townClockwork Pilates 173 in Troon. She first became interested in the APPI method of Pilates as an effective approach for the development of exercise programmes for patients, but became even more enthusiastic when she started to use it as a way to bring herself back to feeling strong and energetic after 3 pregnancies and years of the  fun, but physically tough job that is looking after wee children.  It feels good to do and the exercises are so effective in finding and targeting ‘problem areas’.

Susanna loves to read widely and integrates the work of authors such as Diane Lee, Joanne Elphinstone, Katy Bowman and myofasical theories into her classes and therapy work.  She has a particular interest in the biomechanics of the pelvis, and in the function and integration of the stomach muscles – fuelled not least by her own ‘diastasis recti’ -separation of the abdominal muscles – following the birth of her children, and the fact that it is such a relevant and ‘core’ issue for us all!