What to expect

Personal, Professional, Expert Guidance

Smooth Movers

Beginners Level ‘Modified’ Pilates.  For those who are not so used to exercising in a class, or for those need a little more time to get used to the basics of Pilates.

In this class you will get your body moving out of its comfort zone a little, working to stretch and strengthen your arms, back, hips, neck, feet, shoulders and tummy.  We always do exercises at the end of the classes that will challenge your balance and train your posture and muscles in an upright position – to make it all useful for you in your everyday life! You will see that you can do more than you thought you could and that you haven’t ‘lost’ the ability, you just needed to build your confidence again, through a little practice!

Short education sessions are included throughout the programme, so that you can understand how this body of yours works, and how to keep it in tip top condition!

Clockwork Pilates 016 square

Stretch, Align & Centre

Beginners Level ‘Modified’ Pilates – although also suitable for beginners, this class is a little more intense. We really address the strength of the deep tummy muscles and work on flexibility and coordination – reprogramming your movement, to allow you to be able to use your body to its best ability.  The exercises tone and stretch your whole body: abs, hips, shoulders, back, neck, knees and feet in a balanced and useful way, teaching you to move better, and more efficiently. It feels good to get the blood flowing and the body working.

General Info

The classes are small – maximum of 6, to allow personal attention and care.

The exercises can always be adapted to suit your needs, using different positions, equipment, or simply by moving up or down a ‘level’ in the same exercise. This is important, so that your exercise benefits you.   I am always happy to answer questions or worries or discuss your progress during or after class.

What to wear:   Comfortable, stretchy clothing, and socks or bare feet.


The classes will be taught by a qualified physiotherapist, unless there are circumstances beyond our control, in which case a suitable Pilates teacher will be teaching you.