Pelvic Health Workshop – the Big Picture

Pelvic floor – the squeezes?  the leaks? the period pain? …….. the pain?! All in all, it’s the unmentionable topic!

Well, lets talk about it!  Its time to take control and understand a little more about YOUR body – because its unique and wonderful, and different from everyone else’s out there.

But it’s also time to look wider than the immediate, and look instead at the Bigger Picture.  Have a think about how your wonderful body moves every day, and what it means that you are experiencing these issues.  Pelvic floor muscles are only a part of the story of you, and the way the rest of your body moves has a really big influence on how the pelvic floor and the whole pelvic area functions.

Susanna uses Restorative Exercise principles and Pilates to explore and explain why it matters how you stand, sit, walk and move.

Want a little more information?  Visit my blog to read a few posts on pelvic floor health and get some great exercises to start with.

What’s Involved?

The workshops are a fun and engaging mix of movement, education and chat.

There are 6 sessions over 6 weeks, with a 90 minute outdoor Walking Workshop around 3 months after you finish these sessions.

There are exercise handouts to take home and you will learn how to use the movements that you learn in class in your everyday life, to make them as effective as possible.

Move well, Restore your body


Call me, Susanna to book or discuss whether it will be right for you.

Call:  07565 509904

Email: susanna@clockworkpilates.couk